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The users you look at are saved in your browser storage, so you can look it again.

Download Instagram Stories

Without our website, it would be nearly impossible to save these videos to your device. We made it super easy. Simply search a username at the top of our webpage, and our tools will do their magic to get you a list of the live stories. When the search is complete, and the profile page loads, tap on the “Stories” option. Within seconds, you can browse the profile’s loaded stories and find the one you wish to download. Under each story, there is a big, blue download button that you can tap to automatically download and save the video to your phone’s memory.

Why Download Instagram Stories?

Just as users have different purposes for posting each story, other Instagram users have many reasons why they would want to download someone’s story. Sometimes, a friend captures an important moment that you wish to save for offline viewing. If you don’t save the story, it will expire and disappear after just one day.

Most users follow hundreds of accounts that share funny, creative or inspiring content. If an account posts a story video that you wish to share with a friend outside of Instagram, it’s currently not possible to do so while using the Instagram app. With our website, you can download the video and share it through any of your favorite messenger apps or have it safely stored in your phone’s gallery where you can choose when to delete the video or photo.