View or Download Instagram Profile Picture at Full Size!

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Instagram Profile Picture Viewer is a very simple tool by which you can view and download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size. We are aware that Instagram doesn't permit anyone to see anyone else's Insta profile picture in full size and just shows you thumbnail of the actual display picture. But our Instagram Profile Viewer tool will enable you to view and download anyone's insta dispaly picture in full size in HD.

Recently Facebook was having a big privacy issues and because of that they have scrutinized a lot and made tons of changes on all their platforms including and especially on instagram. So viewing any instagram profile picture can create a lot of privacy concern for facebook and thus they don't allow users to view other people's DP in full size. And to prevent instagram profile viewer tool from displaying hd profile images they have made some change to their API which can only show 480p maximum resolution but thankfully we their extraction service still allows us to enable 1080x1080p resolution. We have update and made changes to our tool so you can view anyone's instagram profile picture full size without any limitations.

How To View or Download Instagram Profile Picture?

It's really simple and easy to use Insta DP website.

Enter the person's username without @ in the above box.

Now click on search button.

If the profile is open, you'll be able to see all the pictures in HD including the display picture of the user.

To Download click on the image or the download button.